E-mark ECE R90 by VCA

MÜLLER has obtained E-Mark ECE R90 certification, which is required for all brake products to be used throughout the European Union and other countries that have adopted to ECE regulations.


MÜLLER has been granted the AMECA certification, which is in compliance with applicable United States standards.


LeafMark is a trademark which is created by AASA and sublicensed by NSF. MÜLLER brake pads have been approved by an NSF accredited laboratory and awarded the LeafMark certification.

About us


Müller Brakes America is engaged in the design, manufacturing and supplying of professional disc brake rotors, brake fluid and automotive disc brake pads, brake shoes, and brake linings for all makes and models of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. Müller is an industry leader in friction products and quality customer service. With our outstanding reputation for delivering excellence, Müller Brakes™ is the leader in state of the art braking technology, providing the ultimate braking experience.




Müller Brakes™ products quality is tested and approved under a number of certifications. These include AMECA, LeafMark and E-Mark ECE R-90 by VCA. Combined with the ISO 9001 certification the company itself has obtained, the mentioned certifications make Müller Brakes™ the ideal partner for every business and individual alike.

Müller Brakes™ products have been found to meet or exceed the industry standards both in terms of performance and environmental responsibility. The LeafMark designation "N" attests to the company's efforts in the latter category.




Müller Brakes™ products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the strictest industry standards, providing the ultimate in quality and performance. Not only do our premium brake products meet the standards of the various international regions we distribute to, they surpass them.

Müller Brakes™ products are manufactured and supplied under ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 9001 certifications to ensure the highest level of quality, safety, and reliability. Müller Brakes™ products have also successfully passed FMVSS-135, FMVSS-105, and FMVSS-121 LINK tests.

Providing the latest innovation in quality brake pads, brake disc rotors and brake fluid, you can count on Müller Brakes™ for safe, dependable braking performance. Whatever you are looking for, Müller Brakes™ has the braking solution for your every need.




Designed with the highest standards for quality, Müller Brakes™ products deliver maximum braking performance, superior vehicle control, and exceptional driver and passenger comfort. Our goal is to continuously strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction, by maintaining high quality raw material, advanced production technology, and fast delivery. Our superior brake products continue to set the industry standards for exceptional quality, delivering unsurpassed fit, form, and function.



Müller Brakes™ is unparalleled in its use of the highest quality raw material, technical innovation, product development, and skilled personnel. Our innovative company is devoted to delivering superior OE quality brake products and professional customer service to the worldwide market, including North America, Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Toll Free: +1 888 511 9944

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