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Become an Authorized Distributor

MÜLLER BRAKES™ products are currently distributed in several markets through authorized distributors and worldwide.


We are always looking for new markets in new countries to expand our distribution network! If you believe your company can establish a successful partnership with us, contact us to find out if you are qualified to apply for this opportunity.


You can download the application form here. We offer three types of distribution opportunities along with very exclusive benefits:


Exclusive Master Distribution License: This Exclusive License is designed for large size cooperation with large volume of annual purchase. It’s mandatory to have an active and organized distribution networks in the region which you apply for. There is no limit for minimum annual purchase commitment however this number will be set based on a few factors such as: GDP & population of country, number of cars.


Semi-Exclusive Distribution License: Suitable for Medium Size companies with annual purchase more than $250K to obtain the exclusive right of distribution in a specific country. This License will grant an “Exclusive” right of distribution only for a city or small region. (Not the whole country)


Authorized Reseller License: This None-Exclusive License is Suitable for smaller companies with annual purchase between $50,000 to $100,000 USD.


NOTE: A refundable security deposit equal to 5% of annual purchase commitment is required to secure the agreements. The security deposit will be refunded back once the dealer has successfully fulfilled the anticipated annual purchase commitment.


For more information on benefits & incentives of all 3 type of licenses or to apply, please download the application here and send back to or contact your sales advisors.

Benefits of Exclusivity License

Discount on Price List

Marketing Budget 
(Cash Back) *

FREE shipping to seaport

FREE seasonal
promotional items

Benefit type

Marketing Support
(Design of banner, brochure, …)

Trade show & Expo VIP badge

Cooperate executive yearly gift (for director)

FREE packaging and labeling customization

Priority in production for orders received at the same time

Authorized Reseller License

Tier 3: 5%


Depends on
order volume

Priority 3

Semi-Exclusive Distribution License

Tier 2: 10%


Priority 2

Exclusive Master Distribution

Tier 1: 15%


Priority 1

* Marketing Budget (cash back): 
Upon request of Dealer, MÜLLER BRAKES
agrees to pay up to 3% credit on all orders which are paid 100% in full and are not delivered more than 90 days ago (According to delivery date on Bill of Lading) as “Marketing Budget” to promote and advertise MÜLLER brand only on TV, Radio, Billboards or Magazine. The Dealer shall obtain the prior written approval of MÜLLER BRAKES for all marketing & advertising materials relating to the MULLER BRAKES AMERICA INC. prior to their production and dissemination. MÜLLER BRAKES shall not be required to pay for any marketing or advertising materials invoices which are older than three months or which are not approved by MÜLLER BRAKES in advance of their production.

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