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Müller Brakes America Introduces Its New Improved Coating Technology:

Müller Brakes America has added the OE STC on its brake pads to enhance their performance and longevity. 
The OE STC typically consists of a ceramic-based material that is applied to the brake pad surface during manufacturing.

This coating process enhances key friction performance levels.  The OE STC  reduces noise and works on both brake pads
and disc rotor performance. 

The purpose of the OE STC  is to improve several aspects of brake pad performance:

Reduced Noise: OE STC can help dampen vibrations and reduce noise generated during braking, resulting in quieter operation.

Improved Wear Resistance: The material in the coating can provide increased resistance to wear and abrasion, leading to longer brake pad life.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation: The coating can help dissipate heat more efficiently, reducing the risk of brake fades under heavy braking conditions.

Better Performance: OE STC  can improve braking performance by providing consistent friction characteristics and reducing brake fade. OE STC  works on both brake pads and disc rotors' performance especially if the surface of disc rotors has some 
irregularities or improper surfaces.

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