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Private Labeling (Contract Manufacturing)

At MULLER BRAKES AMERICA, we will collaborate with you to create a custom program that fits your business model. You control every step from branding to packaging & in-pack collateral to manufacturing & logistics. We carry a huge selection of brake pads formulas with OE quality performance which can satisfy any driving habits in any driving conditions. Working with our North American footprint means easy communication with our team and a unique ability to deliver product faster than any importer, lowering inventory requirements and improving supply chain efficiencies.


We are glad to provide specifications for the applications you need or work against your specifications in a contract manufacturing relationship. We will work with you to determine:

  • Finished or Blanks products

  • Packaged or Bulk

  • Color of Backing Plate & Friction Material

  • Packaging Style (i.e. loose, in a bag, shrink wrap, box inserts to keep product in place)

  • Hardware (i.e. no shims, shims, type of shim technology, abutment kits, brake lube, communication inserts)

  • Shipping Preparation (i.e., shrink-wrap, box, master cartons, bulk)


For more information get in touch with one of our International Sales specialist or send an email to and put the subject “Private Labeling Request”.

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